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Outset Year Book: 2014

Here are some of our clients who we helped to complete the programme during 2014 and start up their own business.

Cecily Mills

Finding a passion and using it to fuel a business idea is sometimes the first step for people starting their own business. Cecily Mills discovered a passion for producing organic vegan ice cream and yogurt from natural coconut oil, and approached Outset Cornwall for support in starting her business journey.

Gemma Rawlinson

After having her first child, Gemma Rawlinson knew her priorities would need to change to accommodate her new arrival. Realising she would prefer to work from home to spend time with her new baby, Gemma gave up pursuing a career in PR to focus on more flexible options that would fit in around her new lifestyle.

Thomas Moyle & Karly Turner

After working in a local estate agency for four years, Thomas Moyle saw an opportunity to create a fresh approach to property selling and management and turned to Outset Cornwall and Outset Finance for support in getting his idea off the ground.

Paul Carr-Griffin

After experiencing a breakdown, Paul Carr-Griffin became severely depressed and contemplated suicide. Abandoning his home and career in London Paul travelled to Cornwall and discovered the Outset Cornwall programme, which helped turn his life around.

Dawn Watson

When an accident at work left her unable to work, Dawn decided to start her own business focused around her passion for catering and, after consulting her local MP on available support, contacted Outset Cornwall.

Jonathan Burfoot

Jonathan Burfoot approached Outset Cornwall late last year with an idea for creating Newquay Forest School, a supportive learning environment for children and young people.

Gemma Machin

A love for animals and a desire to be her own boss, combined with identifying a gap in the market, led Gemma to start her own business.

Pip Hayler

While the majority of Outset clients are able to attend weekly workshops, for some this is simply not possible. Fortunately, Outset Online means the programme is flexible enough to meet everyone’s needs, as Pip Hayler discovered when she returned to work after maternity leave.

Tara Trethowan

Following a bout of anxiety and stress, Tara Trethowan decided to re-evaluate her work-life balance so she could maintain her successful career and enjoy more time with her family. She decided to resign from her job and make the leap into setting up her own business, enrolling on the Outset Cornwall programme for support.

Katy Luxton

After completing her training, Katy found she lacked the confidence and support she needed to realise her dream of running her own jewellery company. Faced with redundancy she decided to approach Outset Cornwall for support in turning her dream into a reality.