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Outset Year Book: 2013

Here are some of our clients who we helped to complete the programme during 2013 and start up their own business.

Pam Faulkner

While many view retirement as a time for stepping back from a busy working life, for Pamela Faulkner it presented an opportunity to start something new, with support from Outset Cornwall.

Sharon Grant

After being diagnosed with ME several years ago, Sharon Grant realised she needed to change her job and her lifestyle in order to cope with her illness.

Louise Nicholettos

Having spent time working in and collaborating with private physiotherapy clinics outside the county, Louise Nicholettos dreamed of bringing her knowledge and expertise to Cornwall to provide a high quality and well-coordinated private physiotherapy service to clients.

Monique Jeffrey-Jones

A life long love of jewellery and all things decorative, plus a burning ambition to work for herself, inspired Monique Jeffrey-Jones to make the leap and turn her part-time jewellery making into a full-time business.

Emma Digerud-Waring

Many people experience a profound moment at some point in their lives where they begin to re-think their career, their lifestyle and even their surroundings. For Emma Digerud-Waring, a trip to Cornwall for a hen party in April 2012 made her realise how much she wanted to live in the county and turn her hobby into a profitable business.

Georgina Coyle

When a serious illness impacts on your life, it can leave you asking the question, what now? For Georgina Coyle, her courage and tenacity showed no bounds when her career was turned upside down after suffering a life changing stroke.

Elizabeth Gregg

Sometimes the busy nature of everyday life can stop us doing the things we really enjoy. For Elizabeth Gregg, that light bulb moment came when she realised her passion for sewing could be that great new business she had always dreamed of.

Louise Brill

With a burning passion for photography, extreme sports and country living, Louise Brill never realised the recipe to her dream business was right under her nose! Her new business Silver Waters Photography has allowed her to use her specialist skills to create a more flexible life style for both her and her son.