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Steve Clare


Having spent over 20 years building a career in the hospitality industry, Steve Clare felt unprepared and struggled with being unemployed when the pub he had been managing changed ownership.

After returning to college and completing his Certificate in Education (Cert Ed), Steve was then given the opportunity to participate in an alcohol awareness campaign with schools by his local Police Licensing Officer, giving him the idea for his new business.

I quickly realised that I enjoyed teaching, and wanted my main source of income to come from that,” says Steve. “I knew I could use my experience in the industry to educate young people about the dangers of drugs and excess alcohol, and really make a difference.

Since completing the Outset programme and launching SCADA, Steve has been teaching his lessons in a number of local schools for over four years in addition to working with a diverse range of organisations and professionals.

Being invited to be part of the teaching team for the Stand Against Violence charity, becoming one of two trainers for Safer Cornwall’s SMART (Substance Misuse & Alcohol Retail Training) project and being approached by Mentor-ADEPIS to participate in a pan-European drugs and alcohol education project are just some of the milestones Steve has achieved.