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Sue Willmott

Sue Willmott HR Consultancy & CrossRoads Careers Services

After working for local employers for a number of years, when the chance to start her own business presented itself Sue Willmott felt it was too good an opportunity to miss.

Inspired by her knowledge and previous experience, Sue saw a gap in the market for a new service assisting small businesses with staff recruitment, plus an additional careers support service for schools, and approached Outset Cornwall for help.

I’d already been recommending the Outset programme to others, so when it was my turn I already knew who I could go to for help,” says Sue. “I thought the programme would be useful, and it definitely was!

Having successfully completed the programme, Sue launched Sue Willmott HR Consultancy and CrossRoads Careers Services in September 2012, quickly establishing community links through networking and other opportunities.

Sue says: “Starting my own business has been a real rollercoaster of customer expectations and seasonal change. I’ve learned I can change and adapt to the self- employment world and I have a greater respect for being self-employed. My role models are my parents and now I can appreciate what they went through in moving to Cornwall and setting up a business with three young children in tow.

With her business growing successfully and developing strong links with local businesses and schools, Sue is a great role model to join the Outset Ambassador programme, giving her the opportunity to share her experiences and help others become successful.

I’ve always had great support from Outset Cornwall for what I’m doing,” says Sue. “Becoming an ambassador is my chance to give something back and support others embarking on the same journey. It’s also a way of sharing best practice and learning something about their ways of working.

Understanding the challenges that aspiring entrepreneurs face, Sue’s top tips are to communicate and stay passionate about what you’re doing.

Keep talking, stay positive and keep the passion and belief. The support I get from family, friends and clients has been huge and sharing my successes and setbacks with a network of supporters really helps get things into perspective and keeps me motivated.