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We think that the best way for you to find out what it is like working with Outset Cornwall is to hear it straight from our past clients. We truly care about everyone’s entrepreneurial goals, whatever they may be, and pride ourselves in being friendly and approachable from the moment that you make contact with the team through to joining an Outset programme. If you think that Outset is for you then get in touch now – we would love to hear from you.


The Outset programme was very useful to me. It provided me with a good balance of practical and theoretical work that was very relevant to my ‘real life’ business challenges.

Jayne Tarasun, Flock Follies

Having been out of work for a while I was worried that I would struggle with the programme, but it was exactly what I needed!

David Cross, DWC Reiki 4 All

Everything has enriched my understanding of the ‘Business World’ and I look forward to implementing sections in the near future.

Gail Sharman, Gail Sharman Illustration

Outset Cornwall has given me specific ideas to help me find enough customers to make a healthy business out of my passion. All you need is a good idea, they will show you how to do the rest!

Ben Hawkins, Da Bara

Outset Cornwall helped me focus my ideas and define the direction of my business. They also gave me the confidence to take the huge first step and to sign off unemployment and go for my dreams.

John Hammond, Evolution Training South West Ltd

The courses that Outset provided gave me confidence in my abilities to start a new business and the subsequent support was invaluable to the success of my business. After implementing some ideas that I was given by the Outset staff, my business expanded rapidly and might not be here today if I hadn’t!

Tony Sampson, Newquay Home Electrics

I wanted to feel I had completed all the necessary steps in laying the groundwork to start my business. Thanks to Outset Cornwall, I’ve got the confidence and knowledge behind me, plus additional support from them if I need it, to give my new business the best possible chance of success.

Gemma Rawlinson, Box and Cox Vintage Hire

Outset has specifically helped me to get my confidence back – and given me the tools I needed to successfully re-launch myself.

Russ Fletcher, RussTrading

I found the programme extremely helpful. It taught me the fundamentals of business in a way that was interesting and informative. Not being particularly academic, the way the sessions were structured worked well for me and kept me looking forward to the next one.

Mike Dennik, MD Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners

Outset Cornwall has given me the business tools and knowledge to grow my company from a germ of an idea to a rewarding business.

Debbie Mulford-Joy, Blue Sky River Coaching and Therapy

I have had great support throughout my business journey. Redruth Radio Station is evidence of what can be achieved when everyone works together. Outset was the stepping-stone I needed to start my business and simply a boost in my confidence. The business was the first positive step I took after loosing my sight.

Stu Williams, Redruth Community Radio

I have learnt so much about myself, identified my strengths and the skills I need to develop to run my business successfully. Outset Cornwall has given me more confidence and the tools to feel more prepared in order to take my business out to the world.

Emma Skilton, Limited Edition Bags