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Steve Clare

Steve Clare

Steve Clare Alcohol and Drug Awareness

Outset has provided sound advice, introducing me to new business skills, helping improve existing skills & reminded me that I have already demonstrated sound business skills as a Licensee.

Steve’s story

Steve had always toyed with the idea of self-employment in the past, but the opportunity had never arisen at the right time. He spent years building a career in the hospitality sector, which had won him awards and the opportunity to travel to exotic places and gain promotions in a variety of different companies. His colourful experiences stretched from Cornwall all the way to California!

However, in  March 2008, Steve found the pub in Truro that he was managing had changed hands. Finding himself in a situation he had never been in before, Steve struggled with unemployment. He decided to go back to College to complete his Certification in Education (Cert Ed).

In March 2011, his local Police Licensing Officer gave Steve the opportunity to take part in an alcohol awareness campaign within a selection of local schools. Lessons on alcohol awareness were developed for practising Bar Tenders, but an opportunity to teach a lesson to Year 11 pupils took his business idea in a very different direction.

“I quickly realised that I  wanted  my main source of income to come from teaching. I knew that I could use my experience within this industry to educate young people into the dangers of drugs and excess alcohol.”

In October 2011, Steve’s business ‘Steve Clare Alcohol and Drug Awareness’ (SCADA) was founded! Steve’s business teaches alcohol & drugs awareness lessons to school pupils, from Year 8 to Year 13, assisting schools in a very specific area of the PSHE (Personal, Social &Health Education) curriculum.

“Lessons are based on my experiences, observations & personal opinions from 20 years in the Licensing Trade, 12 years as a Licensee. I do not preach to the kids. I engage with them immediately and put them at ease & then take them on a journey involving a variety of resources & teaching styles, humour & shocking true stories”

Steve came to Outset Cornwall to help with the creation of his business where his advisor Spencer Hassall was able to point him in the right direction.

“ Outset has provided sound advice, introducing me to new business skills, helping improve existing skills & reminded me that I have already demonstrated sound business skills as a Licensee.”

Steve also experienced success in applying for funding through a local community cash back scheme.

“I applied for the Police’s Cornwall Community Cash back in November 2011, a fund available to community projects that help address anti-social behaviour, public nuisance & crime. Over 40 applications were received and I was one of 4 winners! I received £1,000 to help my business.”

Steve’s business is going from strength to strength. He is already teaching his lessons in a number of schools across the County including Roseland Community College, Penrice Community College, Wadebridge School & Camborne Academy and has built excellent relationships with new contacts who are helping him to grow his business further. Every school he has taught at have asked him to return to teach more lessons, while providing glowing letters of recommendation.

“ I know that I have lots of passion & self-belief in my business idea, and combining two different professions has really worked for me. I’ve always passed on knowledge & training to my staff & this felt like a natural progression.  I learnt a saying at Outset, ‘I’m glad I did, not I wished I had!’ It may be cliché, but you get out of something what you put in, therefore words fail to describe all that I have gained from participating in the Outset Cornwall programme. As this professional relationship continues, so do the valuable experiences I’m exposed to. I urge anyone thinking of starting up on their own to contact Outset – you’ll be glad you did!”