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Ruth Gingell

Ruth Gingell

I was on a very low ebb when I started the programme. My sciatica was raging and I was close to giving up on everything. Personally, Outset gave me a boost of confidence as suddenly I was with people who understood and aimed to help.

Ruth’s story

Ruth had the idea to create a family business that various creative members of her family could contribute to, especially her mother. “I wanted to sew the seeds of a family business that made use of our assorted creative skills and brought together our different styles. In terms of making the leap into self-employment, I have always seen life as a bit of an adventure so thought ‘why not?’”

Having taken the brave step to relocate back to Cornwall to pursue her new venture, Ruth came to Outset Cornwall to get some basic information on where to start with her new business idea, and how best to plan to maximize the chances of launching a successful business. “Outset gave me a good rounded knowledge of how to run and prepare for all aspects of business. Although I am still learning, I know that Outset is there to offer guidance and inspiration throughout my journey.

“We currently make funky picnic stools, windbreaks and cushions, which we will be selling to retailers, and will soon be bringing out a range of greeting cards and printed fabrics that will be used in the products in the future. We have so many ideas, including a building renovation service – it is really exciting!”

Ruth’s insatiable energy and positivity is the key driving force behind a business that is going from strength to strength. With the support of her family and Outset Cornwall, Ruth plans to create an innovative, sustainable business with fun, fresh and practical products.