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Pam Faulkner

Pam Faulkner

Fast Track Fabrics

Outset’s sessions on online marketing and social media have been most useful.

Pam’s story

While many view retirement as a time for stepping back from a busy working life, for some it presents an opportunity to start something new, whether it’s a new hobby, lifestyle or even a new business.

Having joined Visit England as an accommodation assessor and working on their Quality in Tourism star-rating scheme, Pam Faulkner’s ideas for setting up her own business began to take shape and she decided to enrol on the Outset Cornwall programme for support with developing her ideas.

“I wasn’t ready to retire, and I had always wanted to run my own business. I knew that if I didn’t grasp the opportunity now, it would probably never happen,” says Pam.

Keen to put her sewing and creative skills to good use, and being inspired by the establishments she was visiting as part of her role with Visit England, Pam resolved to launch a bespoke curtain and soft furnishings business, working with both individuals and businesses throughout Cornwall.

Enrolling on the Outset Cornwall programme gave Pam the opportunity to work through a number of ideas and constantly test their viability before launching Fast Track Fabrics in 2013.

“Although the content of the sessions on financing, business planning and marketing wasn’t entirely new to me, both the sessions and the advisors helped me look at my business critically, encouraged me to think innovatively and change direction when I needed to,” says Pam.

“For me, Outset’s sessions on online marketing and social media have been most useful. These areas were absolutely new to me and Outset Cornwall helped me learn how to utilise them and also understand the importance of marketing in this way for a successful business.”

In addition to working with many domestic clients, Pam also offers her services to a number of local retailers including a large furnishing company based in Falmouth.

Pam’s future plans to focus on targeting the self-catering and hotel market, and also providing a full soft furnishings service to out-of-county holiday homeowners.

“I would love to work with Cornish textile designers and grow my business to eventually employ a textile or design graduate to assist me. I’m sure I’ll achieve this with the support of Outset Cornwall.”