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Georgina Coyle

Georgina Coyle

Core and Restore

Outset has given me back my self belief! I’m excited to be starting on this new part of my life with their help and support.

Georgina’s story

After working for over 30 years with the NHS, Georgina was determined to continue working and launched her new business, Core and Restore.

In 2011, after suddenly having a stroke, Georgina was forced to give up on her longstanding career in the health service. As a Paediatric Liaison Health Visitor, Georgina had worked hard to gain qualifications and specialise in the area of child protection.

Determined Georgina saw her situation not as a defeat, but an opportunity. Never one to think inside the box, Georgina started to think of other ways she could help those mums and children’s she loved working with so much.

“I certainly wasn’t ready for retirement and remained determined to continue to work with mums and babies, as this was what I loved and was most passionate about.”

Georgina started to research a number of different ideas and re-training options as possible new career paths. In a light bulb moment, she came up with the idea a special reconditioning fitness programme designed especially for new mums. Her new business, Core and Restore was born!

Georgina came to Outset Cornwall after being signposted by the careers service through Jobcentre Plus. With a great idea in mind, she wanted to start turning this into an exciting reality.

“Core and Restore offers mums the opportunity to undertake a totally individual reconditioning fitness programme, personally tailored to their needs, in a relaxed home environment. Because ‘every mum is unique’, my tailored service offers them a friendly and compassionate service they can trust.”

Georgina’s previous experience perfectly positioned her new business with new mums. Her enhanced CRB checked benefits mean that mums can bring their little ones with them to the treatment sessions.

“I knew I wanted to start my own business, but after 34 years in the NHS, I had no idea where to begin. I found the Outset programme stimulating, motivating and supportive. The programme helped me to realise I was taking a step in the right direction”

“I faced my fears and made some great new friends while doing it. I still remember doing my first presentation since my stroke and liberated I felt afterwards. Outset has given me back my self belief! I’m excited to be starting on this new part of my life with their help and support.”

Georgina hasn’t stopped there. She is looking to expand and develop the business gradually, building her reputation with industry professionals and mums alike.

“In the future I see Core and Restore developing and expanding further. Maybe at some point, it even could become a franchise across the county!”