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Business start-up

Our Business start-up sessions are aimed at those individuals who have completed our Introduction to enterprise sessions or those who feel they have the correct levels of experience to start trading as a business. They will prepare you with the key skills and knowledge you need to be able to launch and then grow a sustainable business.

Business start-up session

We take you through a series of sessions, getting right to the essentials of what it means to run a business. We want to help you minimise risk, understand who your customers are and set the right price for your product or service.

These 3 hourly sessions will usually take place at the same venue every week and cover the following:

BSU 1 – Marketing

What are the 7 Ps of marketing and why are they important to the growth of your new business? Do you have a Unique Selling Point? Find out why you need to create a mission and a vision statement that actually mean something to you. Also ‘What is Branding and why is it so important for your business?’ Expect to make a few mistakes? We give you the top 10 mistakes made by both new and established businesses.

BSU 2 – Promotion

You will look at promotional strategies for your business and the skills, support and training you may require to help you promote your business efficiently and successfully. Promotion is all about tools and techniques to communicate your message to your prospective customers. If people do not know about your service or product or do not understand what it can do for them they won’t buy from you.

BSU 3 – Selling

Selling yourself, your product or your service, the part that many people dread when it comes to running a business. Remember, there is no business unless a sale is made, so how do we turn you into the best salesperson on the planet? The answer is we don’t!  This session helps you realise what skills you already have and how you can best use them when talking to potential customers without having to resort to crude sales tactics.

BSU 4 – Tutorials

Your chance to have further 1:1 support


Once you moved on to our Business start-up sessions we offer additional standalone workshops on different topics throughout the year.

Setting up your website

To help you build and manage your own website we offer two different styles of workshops

  • either a one session, fast-paced Workshop (3 hours)
  • or a two stage workshop covering the same topics, over two different sessions (2 and 3 hours) with a two week gap for those to allow time to implement the areas covered in the first session. Users are welcome to bring either a laptop or tablet for the second session.

We will be using WordPress; the only initial cost will be your domain name and web hosting. WordPress will give you the flexibility to improve and update your website as your business grows.

Ready to get started?

If you have already completed the Introduction to enterprise (I2E) sessions please email or call 0800 917 4324 to speak to a member of the team, who will book you onto the Business start-up (BSU) sessions.

If you have already completed the Introduction to Enterprise (I2E) sessions please call the office on 0800 917 4324, who will book you onto the Business Start Up (BSU) sessions.

If you haven’t completed the I2E sessions, however feel that you have covered all the elements in the I2E sessions, read this page to find out what they contain, then please complete the Feasibility Document Plan Template and send it to This will be reviewed by one of our Advisers who will then contact you to confirm your next steps.

Download our Outset Cornwall Feasibility Document Template