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Our Cookie policy

When you visit any website, normally behind the scenes a web site will create little files on your computer called Cookies. These files help enhance your user experience but hold certain snippets of information that help you when you use the website. [outset] stores a small number of Cookies and we’d like to ensure you’re fully aware of what cookies are stored from our site.

What we don’t store!

We don’t ask you to log in to the site, we do not store profile information about you such as age, gender, etc. When you complete forms on our website, this information is not stored in a Cookie but in our database.

What we do store!

We do track your visit to our website using a tracking code from Google Analytics. This includes information about your browser, where you’ve come from and/or any website that has referred you to us. We use this information to provide a better experience for you when we come to release new features, etc. We may also embed YouTube videos into our website, YT will create cookies for these videos and are listed below.

This is a list of Cookies used on the Outset website.

  • __utma
  • __utmb
  • __utmc
  • __utmz
  • PREF

Ad tracking Pixel

As part of our ongoing advertising campaign with radio station Heart FM, we have added a tracking code to tell us who’s visiting our website and to show you our ad as you browse the internet to remind you to come back and visit us again to find out more about our great range of services.

If we add new features to the website that includes the use of Cookies, we will maintain this list accordingly.

The following websites provide more information about Cookies, how to block them and their usage: